Hello, my name is Cody Ross. I am a senior at Washington State University and I am studying Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration. I created this website for my Sport Management 379 class. This website will be used to track assignments and blog posts that I make for my class. All of those posts can be found

Once I graduate I plan to either go for an MBA with an emphasis in finance or a JD. I hope to one day be a sports agent in the NFL. To get there I hope to get an internship with either a sport management firm or a compliance department at an university after I finish my classes in the Spring.

Unfortunately I have not had a lot of international experiences so far. I have visited Canada and Mexico, each once, but I have not gone overseas anywhere yet. I would love to visit Europe and get a more global view on the way that the world works. As much as I love the United States I feel that if I do not travel I will have a very limited view on the world.