I interviewed Kyle Kinney from the Intramural Program for the 90 second classmate interview. I had a great time working with Kyle. He was energetic and a very easy person to interview. He was comfortable being in front of the camera and that ended up making me more comfortable and made the whole experience an enjoyable one.

Because Kyle was such a great partner to work with it made the whole process of the assignment go quickly. We only spent about an hour filming his interview. The editing of the interview was also much easier because Kyle is a very comfortable public speaker. This meant that there were very few awkward moments within the interview that required heavy editing. The interview flowed very easily and it required very little editing to make a comprehensive interview.

The one thing that made the project difficult was working with Adobe Premiere Elements in the Cleveland Hall computer lab. There were several times when I would attempt to add transitions to my interview and it would crash the program. This meant that I lost all the progress that I had made up to that point if I had not saved. This made me have to redo edits several times. The other problem that I had with Adobe Premiere Elements was that there were times that it would not save the progress that I had made even if I used the save button. I would think that my progress had been saved so I would close the program and I would come back a different day and all my progress would be gone.

Overall I had a great time working on this project with Kyle. I learned that he was from Alaska originally and moved to Miami before attending college in Southern California. The interview is embedded on this post below.